👉 Drupal
8.8.x, 9.x - 1.0.6

A Pathauto for Autocomplete fields. Drupal 8/9 module to control Autocomplete field suggestions. Change how autocomplete suggestion list appears when searching for field values (Content, User (including Author field), Taxonomy, Menu and many other entity types).

Entity Reference Patterns Drupal8/9 module demo.

Entity Reference Patterns module UI

Entity Reference Patterns Drupal module interface (similar to Pathauto).

Control Autocomplete suggestions

UI provides an easy way to change appearance of the suggestion labels using Token module. The UI is very similar to the UI of the Pathauto module.

Configured pattern is shown for default value in entity reference fields.

Entity Reference Patterns widgets example.

Works with all entity reference fields in Drupal. Menus, Blocks, Content, Users and many other types.

Entity Reference Patterns new pattern form.

New label pattern create form with ability to choose entity type and label pattern using Token module.

No (reference ID) in autocomplete

Autocomplete suggestions list is free of reference ID. The (reference ID) is only visible in default values.


The module is using Token module as dependency. You may create custom tokens using core hook_token_info() and hook_tokens(). Those tokens will become available in the UI. If you need help with custom tokens please contact me with the link below.


If you have any module related questions, suggestions or would like to schedule a demo please let me know.