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9.x,10.x - 2.0.4

A simple yet powerful Drupal 9/10 spreadsheets module for small and enterprise level projects. The module provides an intuitive way for importing, exporting and mapping fields between Drupal and Spreadsheet (xlsx, xls, csv, slk) files.

Spreadsheets (xlsx) Drupal 8/9/10 module demo.

Use Case

This module is a great solution for those who would like to maintain their content in spreadsheets with the ability to display it in Drupal (Entity types and fields should be pre-created). One of the example would be pricing plans for Insurance Companies with complex list of providers, plans and their zip codes. You could also use this module as a content migration tool (one-time migration) and other use cases.

Mapping Tool

With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to map fields between Drupal and Spreadsheets.

List of available mappings.

List of available mappings.

Data import form.

Data import form.

Spreadsheet Worksheet and Drupal entity mapping.

Spreadsheet Worksheet and Drupal entity mapping.

Drupal fields and Worksheet columns mapping

Drupal fields and Worksheet columns mapping

Import and Export

IMPORTANT: Each import overrides previously imported content (deletes all of the entities and imports content). Spreadsheet is meant to be the main source of content for the specified entities. Manually updating imported entities (nodes) will remain intact only if you export the spreadsheet before running another import.

New data import mapping form

New data import mapping form.

Password Protected Export

Since not all Sheets readers support password protection in files, exported Spreadsheet files are ZIP files with password protection. A password prompt will appear in most archiver apps.

Data export form.

Data export form.

Plugin system ⚙️

The module provides the ability to extend its class by implementing custom plugins types for cell data (Data transformer), data source, data export, remote (destination) and content type (data). Some examples: Boolean (true/false,1/0) to boolean. Comma separated lists to checkboxes/radios. URLs to File and/or Media entities.

Automated imports (cron)

The module allows importing CSV from specified path or remote URL on a specific frequency. Data purge and import will happen in background using Drupal's queue API.

Google Sheets

Experimental: Spreadsheets (XLSX) module comes with Spreadsheets (Google Drive/Sheets) that provides a way for importing and exporting files from Google Sheets into Google Drive.

Why Go Premium?

By purchasing a premium module, you can save money and weeks of development time. Rather than starting from scratch, you can customize a module that already fits most of your requirements. You also get much better support.

Nonprofit organization

If you're a nonprofit organization and need this module, contact me so I can give you a discount.


If you have any module related questions, suggestions or would like to schedule a demo please let me know.